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Mouthguard Offer!

We are currently offering our professionally-fitted sports mouthguards for $140 or FREE for members of any private health fund. Click HERE to make a booking or contact us on 07 5580 0621 to redeem this offer!

Mouthguards are devices that are worn over teeth to protect from injury or damage from physical collisions. Like other protective sporting equipment, they are designed with the safety and wellbeing of the athlete in mind and should be worn for all contact sports where there is a risk of sports injuries and trauma to your teeth. Mouthguards cushion the impact of collisions and protect your teeth from damage such as fractures or chipping and more serious assaults that could incur costly repair and even surgery if sustained.

At Maudsland Dental Care, we offer custom fitted mouthguards whereby your dentist takes an impression of your mouth and prepares your personal mouthguard based on a model of your own teeth. A custom fitted mouthguard is often preferred by athletes as it offers a superior fit, comfort and protection without affecting performance.

We also offer custom mouth guards for patients in non-sporting settings to offer protection for your teeth in situations where teeth grinding may occur during sleep and result in unnecessary wear and tear.

If you require a custom mouth guard or would like more information on professionally-fitted mouth guards, book a consultation with your Dentist at Maudsland Dental Care by clicking HERE or give us a call on 07 5580 0621.

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