How regularly should I go to the dentist?

Generally, the consensus amongst dentists is that a reasonable period for routine dental examination and maintenance is 6 months.

The idea of regular check ups is to identify any dental diseases before they require significant treatment. Prevention is much, much better than cure!

It is also now recognised that oral health can have an influence on general health.

I’m pregnant. Should I still see my dentist?

In pregnancy, because of changes in hormone levels, there is increased blood flow to the periodontal tissues(gums). This can result in an increase in inflammation of periodontal tissues in some circumstances. It is therefore good practice to pay particular attention to oral hygiene in pregnancy, including visiting your dentist for dental examination and routine cleaning. Ideally, dental treatment is carried out before conception or after the first trimester (12weeks).

Do my Wisdom teeth (third molar) need to be extracted?

It is common for third molar teeth to either partially erupt or erupt in a way that is not ideal. This may be related to the fact that there is not enough room for them to erupt properly or that they are misaligned. People often have pain with these teeth as they become difficult to clean, resulting in food packing, tooth decay or gum disease.

However, not all people have wisdom teeth, and for those who do, not everybody requires their wisdom teeth to be removed. It is best to have these teeth examined for early detection and management.

Do bad teeth lead to bad general health?

There is significant research being undertaken which suggests that there is a link between periodontal disease (gum disease) and heart disease. It is proposed that local periodontal inflammation can result in a wider immune response in the body which leads to a response in the lining of arteries facilitating atherosclerosis and heart disease.

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