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If you are subjecting your teeth to the stresses of chewing or biting down on ice, hard sweets, and other hard foods, then there is a possibility you may cause your teeth to crack. It is commonly found that teeth with large amalgam (silver) fillings are most prone to cracking however, even teeth that are free of restorations can crack.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain when chewing/biting down
  • Pain on the release of pressure after biting down
  • Sensitive to cold air exposure
  • Sensitive to sweet foods

The majority of cracks in teeth are usually found in molar cusps where they can be easily repaired by placing a crown (link to crown and bridge section) over the tooth to enforce and protect it.

Occasionally a crack is severe enough to involve the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. If this is so, the nerve becomes infected, thus requiring root canal treatment (link) before placing a permanent crown over the tooth.

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