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Dentures prosthetic teeth that are designed to replace missing teeth and tissue. They are more commonly known as ‘false teeth’ and designed to be removable or anchored on via tooth implants.

Advances in dental materials has allowed for the creation of more comfortable, durable and better fitting dentures than those worn by your parents or grandparents in the olden days. Artificial dentures are designed to have the look and feel of your natural teeth and give a realistic appearance. Each tooth can be modified in appearance (size, shape and colour) to your liking.

elderly man with Dentures

Dentures play an important role in place of your natural teeth to help support your lips and cheeks as well as helping you maintain normal function in chewing and speaking clearly. They can also help create a more youthful facial profile and improve your facial appearance by preventing the sagging of your facial muscles into the jaw space in the absence of natural teeth.

At Maudsland Dental Care, we offer a number of options to help recreate your smile and give you the appearance and function of having your natural teeth. There are a number of materials available for their construction as well as the option for full or partial dentures depending on your needs. All of our dentures are proudly Australian made by local prosthetic laboratories.

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