We love seeing families grow and are committed to helping you and your little ones maintain healthy teeth and gums for life!

Our aim is to provide dentistry for children with enjoyable visits to the dentist and to be memorable for the right reasons by being playful and fun as well as pain-free and minimally invasive. We hope to kill off the age-old stereotype of the dreaded dentist with his terrifying drill that would bring angst to any adult let alone child and instead build a trusting relationship with your child as their tooth heroes.

Dentistry For Children - children smiling

We also wish to partner with you in teaching your kids good dental habits from early on so that they can reap the lifelong benefits of having healthy gums and happy teeth as dentistry for children is very important. It has been reported by the Australian Dental Association that almost half of all Australian children under the age of six have some form of tooth decay, filling or missing baby teeth. It is therefore never too early to start teaching and enforcing good dental habits into your daily family routines as prevention is key and baby teeth do matter.

Our dentists are keen on preventing potential dental issues in your littlies by identifying and managing them early and are happy to work with you to overcome issues such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding and tongue thrusting. Like ‘big people’, ‘little people respond readily to compliments, encouragement and recognition and we strive to take the time and effort to build a trust and rapport with our younger patients so they can feel comfortable and less anxious when having a dental procedure with us. We also offer nitrous oxide or ‘happy gas’ if required for adults and children.

Other small touches to enhance your child’s visit with us include onsite entertainment whereby they can watch their favourite cartoons and television shows displayed on a large screen above while having their dental procedure performed. Our treatment chairs are also fitted with intra-oral cameras to capture images and live videos of your child’s mouth which can be viewed on a separate screen next to the chair. Our younger patients love seeing what the dentist sees in their mouth and enjoy viewing and counting their teeth together. If that’s not enough to bring a smile to their little faces, we bring out the ‘rewards box’ for them to choose a treat after having completed a procedure.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a federal government initiative that aims to provide basic access to dental services for eligible children between the ages of 2 to 17 years of age. If you are eligible for CDBS, simply bring in your Medicare card to your visit so that we can lodge a claim on your behalf with out of pocket expense for your child’s treatment. For more details, feel free to contact us on 07 5580 0621 or visit humanservices.gov.au.

We look forward to seeing you and your little ones in our practice where your family comes first!

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