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Veneers Gold Coast

Transform your smile with the perfect combination of advanced dental solutions, including veneers, at Maudsland Dental Care in Gold Coast. Our dentists specialise in enhancing the aesthetics and health of your teeth to give you that coveted ‘Hollywood Smile.’

Discover the versatility of veneers at Maudsland Dental Care, designed to address a range of dental concerns and elevate your smile:

  • Eliminate spaces between your teeth that cannot be closed with orthodontics (braces) and correct crooked or poorly positioned teeth;
  • Restore fractured, chipped or worn away teeth;
  • Replace stained, discoloured and unsightly fillings;
  • Hide permanently stained teeth that don’t respond to whitening (i.e. antibiotic stains, fluorosis staining).

Types of Veneers

  • Porcelain (ceramic) veneers whereby a thin porcelain shell is created in the image of a well formed tooth and placed over the existing problem tooth to improve its appearance. The advantage of using porcelain is its ability to mimic and blend in with natural teeth due to its somewhat translucent appearance. It may take around two weeks from your initial appointment for the final veneer to be placed by your dentist as the porcelain veneers are created in a laboratory off site.
  • Composite resin veneers are made of a combination of nano filler particles and can be built up from the tooth therefore saving time as it can be completed in one appointment. It is more economical than porcelain however is not as durable and requires more regular upkeep and replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that are custom-made from tooth-colored materials (typically composite resin or porcelain) and are intended to cover the front surface of teeth. By altering the colour, shape, size, or length of teeth, they are used to make teeth look better.

How long do veneers last?

Veneers have a variable duration, but they typically last 10 to 15 years. Their longevity can be increased by maintaining good oral hygiene, scheduling routine dental examinations, and abstaining from bad habits like teeth grinding.

Do veneers look natural?

Yes, veneers are made to match your natural teeth accurately and to look natural. Your natural teeth’s colour and shape are precisely matched, resulting in an attractive appearance.

Do veneers require special care?

Although there isn’t much upkeep needed for veneers, it is still important to maintain proper oral hygiene, which includes regular dental checkups , brushing and flossing. They can last longer if you avoid habits like biting hard things or using your teeth to open items.

Are veneers suitable for everyone?

Veneers are usually suitable for those with good gums and teeth, but a comprehensive dental checkup is required to establish eligibility. Individuals who have serious oral problems might need different therapies. Book an appointment today with us if you want to have a dental check up.

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