Straighten your teeth with no wires, brackets or bands!

Invisalign systems are a newer orthodontic solution to teeth straightening and as the name suggest are virtually invisible when being worn. The treatment involves using custom created and removable teeth aligners which are comfortable and discreet to wear over your teeth in order to move them into their desired positions.

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The benefits of using Invisalign systems include:

  • Comfortable fitting moulded aligners that are barely visible when being worn;
  • The removable aligners don’t get in the way of cleaning, flossing and caring for your teeth and gums;
  • little or no interference with your lifestyle as they can be removed for eating and drinking as well as temporarily for special occasions or events.

At Maudsland Dental Care, we are pleased to offer Invisalign solutions for our patients to rejuvenate their smiles without the appearance of traditional braces.

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